The Alaska Vendors Association (AVA) has built and maintained a strong relationship with the Alaska State Fair since 1995. The AVA holds liaison meetings with the Alaska State Fair Association (ASFA) Board of Directors and managers, sends representatives to ASFA monthly meetings, maintains contact with the Alaska State Fair Vendor Coordinator, and holds a candidates forum to meet and greet all ASF BOD candidates.

Our relationship with the Alaska State Fair offers vendors a means to communicate collectively with the fair about various issues and concerns. Among some of the concerns addressed in the past include:

  • Transfer of booth ownership; the Alaska State Fair is the first fair in the country to allow owners to sell their booths and have the new owner maintain their original placement in the fair.
  • Cash register placement in every booth.
  • Parking issues.
  • Working relationship with security based upon a cooperative effort.
  • Enforcement of a standard opening time for the fair gates so that suppliers of vendors have time in the morning to make deliveries.
  • Mediation of disciplinary issues.
  • Addition of more ATMs on the fairgrounds.
  • Addressing grievances, including the ongoing grievance at the Tanana Valley Fair regarding the set-up of the Carnival and the charging of rent for “prime spaces.”

It should also be noted and recognized that since the AVA formed in 1995, only one Board of Director for the Alaska State Fair Association has ever been elected without the endorsement of the AVA.

Our membership is what makes our organization strong and all of these achievements possible. Thanks to all of our members for their support, and if you are not a current member we strongly encourage you to join.

AVA By-Laws | AVA Articles of Incorporation

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