Alaska State Fair Rated among Top 5 in Nation

As vendors at the Alaska State Fair, most of us know that we have something very special. But it’s even more dynamite when it’s validated on a ratings scale at the national level! Alaska State Fair was recently rated the #2 state fair in the USA by Country LivingMagazine, one of the 50 biggest magazines in America.

The rating was done by writer and retired school teacher Jim Kopel, who traveled over a decade to every state fair in America. He used a rating scale with more than 100 different criteria and took detailed notes on each fair’s unique characteristics. The project was started in 1999 with the Iowa fair and was finished four years ago with a visit in Washington.

Alaska State Fair made the top five – Iowa #1, Alaska #2, New York #3, Minnesota #4 and Texas #5. Alaska was placed as #2, but the reviewer admitted to a bias: He grew up in the state of Iowa and had exhibited his swine on their fairgrounds in the 1950’s.

Alaska topped the chart for its jaw-dropping produce. The other fairs made the top for their noteworthy contributions as follows:

Iowa – Standout food
New York – Top-notch wine
Minnesota – Best educational exhibits
Texas – Biggest rides

Read the original article at Country Living magazine.