ASF Annual Meeting Recap

The ASF Annual Meeting was held on 2/11/16 at the Raven Hall on the fairgrounds.

The president of the ASF board of directors, Carol Kenley, spoke about many of the positive aspects of the 2015 fair in regards to her families enjoyment of them.  A few of the items she touched on were – amazing gardening on the grounds, 4H participation, giant cabbage growing and native display.  She had glowing comments on those areas of the fair and more.  It was a good fair with attendance up.

Candidates for the board gave their statements and voting was completed during the intermission in the evening agenda.

The intermission included a sampling of 7 booth offerings of menu items in an attempt to be the next food booth offered an opportunity to vend at the fair.  No voting of the 7 booths was done, just free sampling of their items.

After intermission, General Manager Jerome Hertel gave his comments on the last years fair, projects to be completed before next fair and preview of 2016 fair.  Some of the capital improvements mentioned – Gathering Place will get a new performance platform, many of the bathrooms on the grounds will be remodeled, better sound quality system to be installed at the Borealis concert area and the Grandstand will receive new bleachers and fencing.  The 2016 fair will be a “No Smoking” fair with areas outside of the fair entry gates for smoking.  The fair will celebrate it’s 80th Anniversary with the theme “Bee Happy”.  Golden Wheel Amusements will be celebrating their 50th year.  ASF won big at the IAFE (International Association of Fairs and Events) with 14 awards during the last convention.  Look for some favorite entertainment to return to the fair for 2016.  Around the grounds will be – BMX Stunt Show, Washboard Willy, Branch & Dean, Rodeo, Monster Truck Show, Alaska’s Got Talent and many more.  The main headliners are going to be announced at a special Kick-off Concert Party on April 2, see the ASF website for full details.

Ballot count announced with incumbents Steve Brown and John Tracy winning the vote.

Member comments section – Discussion on varied views of the “Smoke Free Fair”, moving the headliner concert line in another direction to stop blocking the trails, closure of the meat processing plant and it’s effects on the 4H program and that legislative cuts fo not effect fair with the downturn of the Alaska economy – the fairs main budget funding comes from it’s own receipts.

Board comments section – many of the board members encouraged Jason Ortiz to run again next year with several board seats will be open.  This seemed a positive position from the board to accept him in the future.