Why You Should Renew Your AVA Membership

Dear Past AVA Members,

On behalf of the Alaska Vendors Association, I would like to thank you for your past membership. Our impact and strength as an organization is only as strong as our membership. Without your support we would not able to move forward and make progress in accomplishing our mission: to improve business conditions and operations for vendors participating in fairs and events in the state of Alaska. Thank you for being part of this mission.

Your past membership has enabled us to accomplish and grow in invaluable ways – we hope you’ll join us to continue these efforts.

  • Our AVA members website has been redesigned and we are hoping this year to make it a more vital part of AVA communication to its membership. Watch for the quarterly board meeting notices and the minutes from past meetings – keep informed. Keep us informed of you needs through our website email.
  • AVA is currently represented in Fairbanks for the Tanana Valley State Fair with a board member living in the area. He is able to make the immediate contacts AVA requires for issues that current there. Several of our AVA board members are vendors at the TVSF and keep AVA looking into issues that AVA can address. Recently the sewer/waste water changes for TVSF mobile vendors were addressed and a solution found.
  • AVA is committed to open communication with the Alaska State Fair. One means of this is through liaison meetings with ASF staff as needed. If you did not attend the ASF Annual Meeting this past September, you’ll be interested to know that Pam Meekin, Vendor Manager, and Ray Ritari, General Manager, spoke with our membership, giving important updates and some future fair directions. Some of this is covered in the article below.
  • AVA has a representative attending many of the ASF monthly board meetings, keeping the AVA board informed of the plans and directions of the ASF. This gives AVA board an opportunity to lobby our views to ASF board members on issues of concern.
  • Along with the above representation, AVA recently had a representative invited to attend the yearly Association of Alaska Fairs. This group is made up of all the major fairs in the state. Our representative was well received and respected for his comments and presence.
  • This last year we continued our commitment to communication with the ASF staff by maintaining our presences at the morning meetings each day of the ASF. Our representative is allowed into these meetings and is often able to take vendor issues directly to staff for fast solutions.
  • AVA has been invited to have a similar representative present at the same daily fair staff meetings for TVSF and the KPSF in the coming season. This request was extended during our representatives attendance at the Association of Alaska Fairs recent meeting.
  • AVA continues its support of 4H Youth Programs at both ASF and TVSF with donations. The AVA board has voted to increase that donation to $200.00 a year to each of the fairs programs.
  • AVA continues its directive of the AVA organization: to elect or appoint representatives to Fair or Event management and boards. To be successful in this direction, AVA needs its membership to maintain current membership in the Alaska State Fair Association and vote in person at the ASF Association Annual Meeting held each February.

We invite and encourage you to renew your membership today! We have new members this year but we need your support. Not only is our modest budget driven by our annual dues, but our organization needs your voice in the coming year to help us achieve these and other goals we have set forth for the AVA. AVA continues to grow—we hope you’ll grow with us!

TJ Kelly
AVA President